What you will learn...

Making medicine from plants is an art as well as a science. In this class, we will cover the theory and practice of making medicines from locally gathered plants as well as store bought Chinese and Western herbs. We will cover how and when to make tinctures, salves, infusions, decoctions, pills, and oils. Making good medicines is not difficult if you know how. Learn how. This is an On Demand course. You can begin any time and proceed at your own pace.

  • 1

    Week 1 ~ Introduction to Making Plant Medicines

    • Earth Medicine Academy Waiver

    • Introduction to Medicine Making

  • 2

    Week 1 ~ Tinctures

    • Tinctures 01

    • Using an Herb Press

    • Tincture Slide Show Video

    • Tincture Slide Show PDF

  • 3

    Week 2 ~ Oils & Salves

    • Oils & Salves Video

    • Oils and Salves Slideshow Video

    • Oils & Salves Slideshow ~ PDF

    • Herbs to Consider When Making Salves ~ Video

    • Potential Plants for Salves ~ PDF

  • 4

    Week 3 ~ Powders & Pills

    • Powders & Pills Video

  • 5

    Week 3 ~ Infusions (Hot & Cold), Decoctions, & Freezing Herbs

    • Infusions & Decoctions Video

  • 6

    Week 4 ~ Topical Uses of Plants

    • Topical Uses of Plants Video

    • Tropical Topicals Video

    • Tropical Topicals Slides

  • 7

    Bonus, Conclusion, & Upcoming Classes

    • Bonus: North Maui Plant Walk

    • Conclusion & Upcoming Classes

Why take this course?

Why would we want to make our own medicines? Well, it is certainly good to be self reliant. It can be a proactive way of warding off illness and of making sure that we are putting good quality organic nutrients into our bodies. But medicine also making also connects us to the local biosphere... to what is around us. Having plants as friends is a remarkable way to live.

Your Instructor

Grand Poobah

David Bruce Leonard

David Bruce Leonard is an herbalist, acupuncturist, subgenius and aspiring polymath. Founder of the Earth Medicine Institute and Earth Medicine Academy, he has an abiding appreciation for traditional cultures and the brilliance and ingenuity of the human spirit. His focus in on the reclamation of the sane core of our humanity and the health of our planet. He can often be found in the forests and jungles of Maui looking for medicinal plants and wearing his favorite trash bag as a raincoat.

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