Redefine Your Shadow as Ally

mine your inner gold

January 11- February 22

Monday Zoom Calls (9-11am HST)

What you will learn...

During the next six weeks you will begin to work with your shadow to create strength and brilliance in your life. Most of us shun our Shadow, but by creating a relationship with this untapped resource, we find the rocket fuel needed to launch a life full of purpose.

  • How to use Shadow to Manifest Energy

  • Create Life & Love Breakthroughs

  • Work through your trauma

  • Gain mastery over the inner critic

Your Guide to this Journey


Ed Fell

Ed Fell has devoted much of his inner work and career to working with Shadow; what the esteemed Dr. Jung calls those parts of ourselves that are rejected, repressed, invisible, and unacknowledged. He’s researched and experimented with methods to make these ‘concepts’ practical and useful to enrich lives and relationships. Most of us understand shadow for its dark energies although even Carl Jung believed that 80-90% of our shadow is pure gold. That’s the good news. The more challenging news is that in order to mine that gold requires that we engage with and integrate the dark with truth and deep compassion. Shadow Integration involves the embodied and somatic practices that assist in uncovering Shadow and working with those energies in a way that brings us towards wholeness. Our wholeness demands the inclusion of our Shadow material. The processes are extremely useful and practical for the individual seeker but also for those working with individuals, groups, workshops, and institutions.

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