So, you’re thinking about an open relationship, huh? We know you’ve thought about it, and maybe even fantasized about it? Some of you may have tried it, and either have wonderful memories or deep scars. Join your hosts Jodi Baygood and Ed Fell for a hilarious yet real yet informative yet lively discussion on the twists and turns of open relationshipping. (OK, we just made that word up.)

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What makes it work for some and be a disaster for others? Is it really for you? Let’s jump into the deep end during this upcoming offering! We will explore:

  • Jealousy

  • Boundaries

  • Integrity

  • Transparency

  • Communication

  • Conflict

  • Fears

  • Hardships

  • Benefits

Wednesday October 7th

12:00-2:00pm HST


Meet Your Guide

Ed Fell

Ed has devoted much of his inner work and career to working with Shadow; what the esteemed Dr. Jung calls those parts of ourselves that are rejected, repressed, invisible, and unacknowledged.  He’s researched and experimented with methods to make these ‘concepts’ practical and useful to enrich lives and relationships.  

Meet Your Guide

Jodi Baygood

Jodi believes in the extraordinary greatness of human beings. As a yogini, humanitarian, art therapist, and mother, she has traveled the world exploring human cultures and seeking out the extraordinary.

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